About us

I. General Introduction

Predecessor Hong Nhan Electronics Trading & Service Co., LTD is Hong Nhan Electronics Trading & Service Shop from 1998, specializes in buying and selling electric-electronic products and until 2000, was changed to Hong Nhan Electronics Trading & Service Private Enterprise.

On 05/27/2003, Hong Nhan Electronics Trading & Service Co., LTD was formally established, by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City business registration license number 4102015950 with function:

-      Business electric-electronic, home appliances, computer equipment, printers, camcorders, cameras, music tapes & discs (which the content is allowed to circulate).

-      Rental Service, installation sound systems, lighting and electric-electronic equipment, stalls, merchandise display rack.

-      Wholesale of electronic components, telecommunications, tapes, magnetic disc, and optical disc unrecorded (blank tapes and blank discs).

-      Retail sell audio-video tapes, disc recorded (including blank tape, blank disc)

Vietnamese trading name: Công Ty TNHH Thương Mại và Dịch Vụ Điện Tử Hồng Nhân

English trading name: Hong Nhan Electronics Trading & Service Co.,LTD

Abbreviation name: HNECO., LTD

Address: 251-253 Tran Hung Dao St, Co Giang ward, Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh city

Tel: +84 28 38371928            +84 28 39208340                   Fax: +84 28 38372028

Website: www.hongnhan.com.vn

Email: hne@hongnhan.com.vn

Directly Branches and Stores: 

1. Hong Nhan Electronics Trading & Service Co.,LTD Branch

-    Address: 248A No Trang Long St, ward 12, Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh city

-    Tel: +84 28 35140023                              Fax: +84 28 35140023

-     Email: manhinhled@hongnhan.com.vn 

2. Hong Nhan Electronics Trading & Service Co.,LTD Representative Office

-    Address: 52, Alley 325, Kim Ngu St, Thanh Luong ward, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Ha Noi city

-    Tel: +84 24 39878206                              Fax: +84 24 39878206

-    Email: manhinhled@hongnhan.com.vn


Chartered capital: 14 billion

Man power: more than 80 members (Manager, Engineer, Bachelor, Expert, Staff)

The company's Legal representative:

Mr Nguyen Van Man               Position: Director.

With staffs of professional creative and dynamic, hard and eager to learn, along with the contributions of experts experienced in the field of electric-electronic equipment, we are proud to bring to our customers consulting services and serving for the products that we supply

Besides, we also work as a consultant, design and develop comprehensive audiovisual solutions for individual customers and businesses, including consulting services, such as audio-visual projects, design and deploy infrastructure in audiovisual technology, development and supply of genuine audiovisual products with high quality, satisfied the diverse needs of customers.

Together with supplying products, we also deploy design and implemented the rental service of audiovisual systems served the events, major festivals taking place across the country.

II. Mission and Vision


Hong Nhan always strive for learning and improving the knowledge of technology products so that serve, consulting customer always choose satisfied products


Technology of electric-electronic products are always evolving, becoming an essential part of human life. Hong Nhan is a supplier of products and services professional always side by side with the customer.

III. Business Philosophy

We listen, analyze and understand the needs of each customer and application experience, skills, our thinking to address those needs optimization. Every customer is an important factor to build up the company's value 

IV. The Company’s development direction

Holding firm and increasing the pace of development on all indicators: sales, market share, human resources, brand value, the number of products and services (Television, home theater, camcorder, camera, game machine, mobile devices, audio-visual systems control devices, ... and rental services, consulting services about audio-visual products, ...)

Bring into play and enhance the existing strengths of the company about manage, purchasing, rental equipment services, and technology solutions ... reaching new level in response to the growing needs of customers as well as to be ready to contribute to building country more prosperous.

With a desire to serve the customers more thoroughly, we are always ready to receive and grateful any feedback from customers

More than 34,000 individual and corporate clients have been being companion and support us. This success is the motivation to impulse for Hong Nhan Company needs the efforts striving incessantly to serve our customers better and more.

Board of Directors Hong Nhan company